How To Know If iPhone Is Hacked?

iPhone Is Hacked

Learn how to know if iPhone is hacked as they are too susceptible to hacking just like Android devices. Mobile phones have become a huge and important part of our day-to-day life. In our cell phones, we hold mostly our sensitive, personal, and private information. If you feel something is wrong with your iPhone, then there’s a chance that your phone has been hacked. Today, I will help you learn how to know if iPhone is hacked. Here, I’ve given a few warning signs that a hacked iPhone displays. You can keep on reading further to learn more about how to know if iPhone is hacked.

How To Know If iPhone Is Hacked?

In this section, I will teach you how to know if iPhone is hacked. It can be scary if someone has hacked your phone and can access your personal details. Even though Apple has strong built-in security, hackers can still hack your phone in creative and complex ways.

You can consider the following warning signs to learn how to know if iPhone is hacked.

  • Battery Drainage Issues

Sometimes, a process or an app is running in the background without your knowledge. Due to this, your phone’s battery drains faster than usual. This is a clear sign that your phone is been hacked.

  • High Data Usage

Malicious apps often exchange information with their developers via the internet. Therefore, observe if your mobile data is draining quicker and faster than usual. It is a clear sign that something is not right and your data is being used for something else.

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  • Unrecognized Apps

Your iPhone starts installing unwanted apps without your knowledge or consent. This usually happens when hackers are installing malicious apps on your iPhone. The main motto of hackers is only to get physical access to your phone. Make sure you check your app folders too as hackers try to hide malicious apps there.

  • Increase in Pop-Ups

Due to malware hack or infection, your iPhone will display unnecessary pop-ups. Hackers may have installed malicious software on your iPhone that causes these ads to appear.

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  • Slow Performance

To learn how to know if iPhone is hacked, observe your phone. Check if it is operating slower, web pages and apps take time to load, or your phone’s battery never gets fully charged. All these warning signs clearly indicate that you could have malware running in the background affecting your phone’s overall performance. 

  • Overheating

It is not for a phone to heat while charging or while browsing on apps. But if your iPhone overheats frequently, then there is a possibility that your device is hacked. Just like the performance issues, malware or mining apps running in the background can cause your phone to overheat.

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  • Suspicious Phone Calls/Messages/Notifications

Sometimes, your iPhone sends automated text messages to unknown phone numbers. Your iPhone may have been hacked if you are receiving weird text messages or notifications. Make sure you even check if there are any rundown outgoing calls in your call log.

Now, you must be wondering how to know if your camera is hacked on iPhone. To check if your phone’s camera has been hacked, check its zoom settings. Zoom in and out an image, and pay attention to the speed of your actions. Observe if your camera reacts too slowly and becomes unresponsive.

Different Ways An iPhone Can Get Hacked

I hope now you’ve understood how to know if iPhone is hacked. An iPhone’s inability to be hacked is one of its greatest advantages over other smartphones. Even though iPhones are safer and more secure than other mobile devices, they are still prone to phone hacking.

Here are a number of ways that you might fall victim to iPhone hacking.

  • Downloading malicious apps

Apple is very strict about who and what is allowed to be published and downloaded. It is very important to know whether an app is trustworthy or not. Make sure you see the reviews before downloading any malicious apps from the App Store. If an app runs too slow, delete such apps that make you question their performance and trustworthiness.

  • Clicking Suspicious links

Can an iPhone be hacked by visiting a website? Most hackers use suspicious links to have physical access to your iPhone. They often try to replicate a well-known brand, set up a website, and then host it on a URL. The site will then try to lure you toward one of its malicious links. Through these links, they will try to gain access to your financial information and other login details.

  • Using weak passwords

Websites that you visit on a regular basis should be secured with a strong and unique password. But many people use a small and weak password for easy login. And then use the same for a number of sites! This puts you at risk of phone hacking and getting direct access to your device.

  • Calendar invite hacks

Sometimes, you will see unfamiliar appointments appearing in your Calendar app. When you click on such notices, you’ll be redirected to a website with a captcha code. This can make you fall into a hacker’s phishing scam! You’ll be soon receiving unwanted spam emails, text messages, and malware downloads.

  • Using unknown WiFi networks

Accessing your bank account or emails by using public WiFi is always risky. Hackers can easily mess up with unsecured, opened networks. With the help of public networks, they can easily get your personal information as you browse and shop online. No matter where you go, never use public WiFi in a local cafe, airport, or other locations.

Troubleshooting Tips For Hacked iPhone

After learning how to know if iPhone is hacked, you must be thinking about what to do if your iPhone has been hacked. It is important to protect your iPhone from such threats and keep your personal information safe.

Here are some tips you can consider to learn how to remove a hacker from your iPhone.

  1. You can run a scan with security software like Norton 360 to tell if you’ve actually been hacked. This software will even access any issues present on your iPhone and help you to fix them.
  2. Disable your data usage for suspicious apps to monitor your phone’s data usage and behavior.
  3. Your passwords and login information could be a huge risk if your phone has been hacked. It is better to reset and create new unique passwords for your online accounts.
  4. Delete any suspicious apps that come from a third-party source and not the Apple App Store. You can even delete all the apps that you don’t remember downloading.
  5. You can reset your iPhone back to factory settings to solve this issue. This will help you to remove all downloaded apps, messages, contacts, photos, and files.
  6. You can even report the hack directly to Apple via email at [email protected].
  7. Cancel any linked credit cards as thieves can use Apple Pay to make fraudulent purchases on your account.
  8. Manage your apps’ permission settings to regain control of what private information is shared about you online. 
  9. Always clear your browsing history and cache to prevent your phone from being hacked.

However, there are several free apps to check if iPhone is hacked.

Can Apple Tell If iPhone Is Hacked?

Yes, Apple will tell you if your iPhone is hacked via a threat notification. Usually, this notification will appear at the top of the page where a user visits and signs into


Can I Tell If My Iphone Has Been Hacked?

One of the best ways to determine if your iPhone is hacked is to run a malware scan. Antivirus apps for iOS are quite limited as Apple’s operating system does not allow them to access areas of the device where malware typically hides.

Can Your Iphone Get Hacked?

While iPhones are generally considered secure, they are still susceptible to hacking, among other types of security threats. Despite Apple’s efforts to enhance security features in iOS, you should still be aware of potential risks such as phishing, malware, and other cyber-attacks.

Can You Check If Your Phone’s Been Hacked?

Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked
Your phone is running slower than usual. You notice strange activity on your online accounts, like unfamiliar logins, new account signups, or password reset emails. You see unfamiliar calls or texts. You get more pop-ups than usual; this could be a sign of adware.

Can Hackers Spy On Your Iphone?

Technically, yes. From your friend, or employer to a cybercriminal – there’s a possibility of becoming spied upon. Regardless of what device you use, it is possible for someone to gain remote access and to spy on your iPhone too. With spyware, a person can access a lot of your personal data.


In the above post, I’ve explained how to know if iPhone is hacked. A battery draining faster than usual, overheating, and mysterious messages are signs that your iPhone is hacked. Check your messages and if you don’t recognize them, then you might be hacked. Always check if your phone is downloading unfamiliar apps without your permission. Make sure you quickly remove anything that looks suspicious before it’s too late. Sometimes, your phone data usage increases when viruses or unknown apps start using your data. Once you understand how to know if iPhone is hacked, you can protect your iPhone from potential threats!