What Is A Spike Camp?

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In the world of outdoor exploration and backcountry adventures, certain terms hold special significance among enthusiasts. One such term is “spike camp,” a concept that resonates with the thrill of venturing into the wild and embracing the serenity of untouched landscapes. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essence of a spike camp, its purpose, and its role in providing an authentic wilderness experience.

What Is A Spike Camp?

A spike camp is a temporary, minimalist campsite established by outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, or backpackers deep within the wilderness. It serves as a base for exploration, providing a strategic location for venturing into areas that are otherwise inaccessible from established campgrounds. The term “spike” suggests a temporary and targeted effort to reach a specific location before returning to the primary base camp.

Purpose And Advantages

  1. Access to Remote Areas: One of the primary purposes of a spike camp is to access remote, challenging-to-reach areas that might be far from established trails or campgrounds. This allows adventurers to explore pristine and less-frequented wilderness regions.
  2. Extended Exploration: Establishing a spike camp provides an opportunity for longer explorations and activities, such as hunting, wildlife observation, or mountaineering. It eliminates the need to return to the main base camp every day, saving time and energy.
  3. Wilderness Immersion: Spike camps allow individuals to fully immerse themselves in the wilderness. Spending extended periods away from developed areas fosters a deep connection with nature and a sense of self-sufficiency.
  4. Sunrise and Sunset Adventures: Being situated deep within the wilderness enables adventurers to witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets without the need for long hikes during the early morning or late evening hours.

Setting Up A Spike Camp

Setting up a spike camp involves careful planning and consideration of various factors:

  1. Location: Choosing the right location is crucial. It should be strategically positioned to provide easy access to the areas you intend to explore while ensuring safety and minimizing environmental impact.
  2. Shelter: Lightweight tents, bivouac sacks, or even improvised shelters can serve as accommodation. Keep in mind the prevailing weather conditions and the need for protection from the elements.
  3. Food and Water: Carry lightweight, compact food supplies that require minimal preparation. Water sources should be identified and assessed for reliability.
  4. Minimalist Gear: Pack only essential gear, as the goal is to keep the load light. Opt for versatile equipment that can fulfill multiple purposes.
  5. Leave No Trace: It’s essential to practice Leave No Trace principles when setting up and using a spike camp. Minimize impact on the environment to preserve the wilderness for future generations.


A spike camp embodies the spirit of adventure, self-sufficiency, and immersion in the wilderness. It allows outdoor enthusiasts to access remote areas and experience the untamed beauty of nature. By establishing a temporary base deep within the backcountry, adventurers create a unique opportunity to explore, connect, and appreciate the wild landscapes that hold an undeniable allure. Whether you’re a backpacker, a hunter, or a nature enthusiast, a spike camp offers a chance to write your own wilderness story while leaving behind only footprints and memories of your journey.

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What Is The Difference Between Spike Camp And Base Camp?

Spike Camps and How To Choose Your Backpack Hunting Style. There are two main forms of backpack hunting camps; a base camp where you return to each evening and a mobile (or spike) camp which requires you to pack up each morning and make camp each night.

What Is A Spike Camp For A Ranch?

: a temporary or secondary camp site for a forestry crew accessible from the main camp.

Which Base Camp Is Best At Everest?

There are actually two base camps for Everest trekking: the North Base Camp in Tibet and the South Base Camp in Nepal. The Nepalese camp in the Khumbu region is the Everest Base Camp that most people talk about, and the endpoint of this legendary trek.

Is Base Camp Higher Than Kilimanjaro?

There are many similarities between the two such as they are both high altitude treks (EBC is at 5,364 meters and the summit of Kilimanjaro is at 5,895 meters). Both adventures do not require any technical climbing experience or trekking expertise however it is highly beneficial to be physically fit.

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